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 ItzBrett's GM App

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PostSubject: ItzBrett's GM App   ItzBrett's GM App Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 3:47 pm


Age:Im 16!


Why do you wish to be a GM:I want to be gm because i like to help people and i like to help server/owner,Its lots of fun but lots of responsibility because you need to be mature,..And If i dont get the GM Spot that'd be okay i will still play everyday.I will not abuse the GM powers like Warping people wherever they want,Or giving them any items they want.etc,

How long have you played MapleLegends:This is going to be my second day playing,But i will play everyday.Smile

Any GM experience:Yes,I was a lvl 4 GM in QuashMS, but It shut down and unefortunetly i have no proof sorry.

Are you able to explain How to Play MapleLegends to a new players:Yes ive been playing different versions of private servers for a long time now and id be able to help them no problem.

How can you help the server:I will do my best helping people in game when they need help,I will report unkown bugs,And i can recruit some of my friends that play private servers since this is v75 they will be interested.I will help server by telling Owner/Gm's if i saw a hacker and i would provide proof for them:)

Other*:Im an Active teen,I dont do drugs im just always hyper,Im mature..And i love hanging with friends in game and in Rl,I play baseball its my passion,I have baseball games on sunday and practices on Tuesday and thursday,The days i dont have baseball i can be on 4-6 hours a day and days i do have baseball around 2-5Hours.,If i dont get the GM Spot thats okay i will continue to play everyday and help out.

What can you code*:I cant code sorry but if needed i will go on youtube and watch some tutorials,anything to help this server.Smile

Can you GFX*:No Sorry but pretty much same answer ^^

Thank you for taking your time to read my GM App ,Have a good dayyyy Smile
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ItzBrett's GM App
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