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PostSubject: GM RULES AND RIGHTS   GM RULES AND RIGHTS Icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 8:50 pm

You are to follow the rules as below, all rules here are final.
Note: The server managers (Yoko,Tiger) can see every command you make.

1- Event:
- You are not allowed to give more than 15 Tetris Pieces PER event.
- You are not allowed to host an event if the owner or someone that can restart the server is not on.
- An event must consist of 5 people or more.
- You must ask the owner prior to event creation.
- Guild specific events are prohibited.

2- Banning:
- If you see a hacker, Ban him and report on forum..
- Banning a fellow GM or Administrator is strictly forbidden and you will lose your GM status immediately if the Admin finds out.
- Do not ban a non-Hacking user without a report on the forum, which need to be accepted by the owners.
- You must provide a valid and descriptive ban reason, user can be un-banned on accident if false or invalid ban reason is supplied.

3- Items:
-GM items are to stay as GM or Donator only.
- Non rare NX are to be given for free, not by cost of meso, tetris, or other currencies.
- 10 items is the max limit of items you are able to trade.
- A medal should be somewhere around the 15 tetris range.
- If you are willing to give a non-NX item away (regardless of rarity), speak with the Administrator beforehand.
- Do not use an items that the creator or the owners call "private".

4- Sin:
- If failure to abide with rules enforced by GM or Administrator, use !dc <name> for disconnection or !jail 2 <name> to permanently jail the user until removed by GM or Administrator.
- If user does not follow after doing the above commands, speak with the admin.

5- Spawning:
- Do not spawn custom monsters, especially without a person to restart the server.
- Do not spawn large amounts of monsters as it will potentially lag out the server.
- Do NOT use the !pmob command, if you did by accident, tell an administrator or server manager to remove it. If you did it on purpose, or continuously do it, you may lose your GM Rights.

6- Help:
- If a new player asks for help, help, but do not abuse this to a large extent (leveling, giving MSIs, etc.).
- You must at least attempt to help new players out in the chatbox.

7- Job and Responsibility:
- As a GM, you must follow rules here and rules made specifically for you by the Administrator.
- Do your best to make this server the best. (We wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!)
- If an administrator tells you to do something, and if it's too hard, just say you can't do it as it is not to your ability.
- If your job is a coder or one that does graphics, if you say you can't at the majority of the time, you risk being demoted.
- Do not announce something that you know or have a feeling you won't complete.

8- Insulting:
- You are not to insult any user, regardless of race, sex, or gender.
- If a user insults you, you may jail the user.
- If you believe the user deserves a ban, ask the Administrator.

9- Chat Box:
- If one spams emoticons, ban for an hour.
- If one insults the server or you, ban forever (if you: 2 hours).
- If one advertises his/her server, ban forever.
- If one asks a question you find amazingly stupid, answer it regardless of how stupid it can be.
- If one has GM or Owner in his/her name, continuously kick user until name changes.
- Do not ban or kick user for absolutely no reason or valid reason.

10- Strictly Forbidden:
- Do not use any hacking programs, editing material (WZ edit), different files, especially without an administrator's consent or knowledge.
- Do not continuously beg to the point where one will rip his/her hair out.
- Do not purposely give more work to the Owners, they are pretty busy already.
- Do not share your GM accounts with players and/or donators.
- Do not delete other moderators topics/posts.

11- Last Words:
- If you can't deal with the idiocity, deal with it, be cool and friendly with other users (or at least attempt to).
- If a GM does not follow any of the rules above, you are under very thin ice.

GM Rules are from D.Chaos MS EX v83. All rights reserved to them
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