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 lol this waz just for fun

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lol this waz just for fun Empty
PostSubject: lol this waz just for fun   lol this waz just for fun Icon_minitimeMon Dec 13, 2010 7:51 pm

In-Game Name:soulstarXD
Experience:i played original maple for hmm 2 year then private for 1 year
Play hours:weekday around7 weekend almost the whole day
Reasons why you should be GM: well i could help people and host events daily
What have you done for MapleLegends so far? well i ahve done many event most of my friends are gms[kross aries rat]

To all those who apply for a GM spot you must consider a few things inorder to become a MapleLegends GM.

How active are you in MapleLegends in order to become GM? well i pla most of the time i help train people most of the time i lvoe doing jumpquest love events

What experiences have you had in the past that may help you become a GM?(GIVE PROOF NOT JUST WORDS) well my friend acccount was a gm in rydah and i played his account and well i had fun hosting events and helpin people but rydah is so dam boring ever since i found maplelegnds =)

What have you done OR will do for MapleLegends? well ill help newcomers host events daily[ost of the time] pretty sure almost daily and give info and attract palyers for maplelegnds

i knwo that gm applications r closed but this waz for fun and yes this is true

What will you do to make MapleLegends a better place for everybody? Razz
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lol this waz just for fun
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